Friday, December 17, 2010

.My dress up pony club.

This month i went to my first pony club, on my new horse Monte! It was really fun because the last pony club of the year is a dress up. I decided that Monte and i would dress up as hippy's. At the start of the day we wore field uniform so we could run around and play games (for pony club), but after morning tea we changed into our costumes and dressed up our horses!! IT WAS AWESOME!!
Start of the day (in field uniform)

Apple bobbing

I got the apple! and the white stuff is icing sugar from the previous game
This is my sister on her horse charlie and she was dressed as
a bee on a flower patch :)

This is me on Monte and hippy's

Me & Monte + Claira (my sister) & Charlie

Monte and me

Santa came and gave us presies :) and there Prancer pulling
the sleigh (but the pony's name is really dubbo)